Kick-off meeting for the “Consumer resilience to online privacy violation – REPRICON” project held

On January 31, 2020 the Institute of Economics, Zagreb (EIZ) hosted a kick-off meeting for the “Consumer resilience to online privacy violation – REPRICON” project. The project is funded by Croatian Science Foundation.
Working group members who attended the kick-off meeting were the following:

Jelena Budak (Project Manager), Institute of Economics, Zagreb
Edo Rajh, Institute of Economics, Zagreb
Bruno Škrinjarić, Institute of Economics, Zagreb
Sunčana Slijepčević, Institute of Economics, Zagreb
• Zvjezdan Penezić, University of Zadar
• Šime Lugović, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics & Business – University of Zagreb
Members of EIZ project office, Ivona Krezić and Vlatka Ćosić, were also present at the meeting.
After a brief introduction, an agreement was reached on the dynamics of implementation of the activities planned in the first year of the project.
The meeting marked the official start of the implementation of the activities at the "Consumer Resistance to Online Privacy Breach - REPRICON" project.
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