Results of a survey conducted as part of the project "My place under the sun" presented in Rijeka

A conference presenting results of a survey on urban child poverty in the ​​Rijeka and Gospić area, conducted as part of the project "My place under the sun", was held at the Rijeka City Hall on April 27, 2022. The authors, Paul Stubbs, researcher from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb and Gordana Šimunković, professor of social pedagogy at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka, presented results of the research entitled “Challenges of poverty and social exclusion of children in the ​​Rijeka and Gospić area”, as well as recommendations for the fight against child poverty. The conference was organized by the Center for the Culture of Dialogue and the project "My place under the sun".
The results of the research showed that single parents, parents with a lower level of education, long-term unemployed parents, the Roma, parents with disabilities or parents of children with disabilities were at greater risk of poverty. Dr Stubbs said parents from families on the brink of poverty had trouble resolving housing issues, finding work, while places they lived in were often unsuitable for children, and there were cases of family members being hungry. He added that the whole situation was further aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic. In the end, he concluded that the problem of child poverty should have been in greater focus of our society and politics. Recommendations were made as part of the research, which will be proposed for inclusion in the Action Plan for Combating Child Poverty at the level of the City of Rijeka.

You can read more about the research results here.