RESTORE project successfully completed

The end of April marked the end of COST Action REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy (RESTORE), funded by the the Horizon 2020 Framework programme of the European Union. The RESTORE network gathered partners from 40 countries worldwide and the Institute of Economics, Zagreb was one of them with our researcher Željka Kordej-De Villa, who was part of the Management Committee of the Action.

One of the main goals of RESTORE project was the dissemination of knowledge and skills which was achieved by publishing eight different publications, available at the following link:




During the project, more than thirty academic papers were published, five trainings were held (in Lancaster, Malaga, Bolzano, Venice, and Vienna), and thirty short-term scientific visits (Short Term Scientific Missions) took place. Several conferences were held - in Budapest in 2018, in Bolzano in 2019 and the final project conference was held online on December 3, 2020.

A special value of the project is the design of a scheme for carbon neutralization (Restore Carbon Neutral). Thus, 240 tons of CO2 were "neutralized" within RESTORE, which was enough for it to become the first carbon-neutral EU network.

More information on the completed project is available at: