New edition of Croatian Economic Survey

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb has published a new issue of Croatian Economic Survey, 23(2), a scientific journal focused on publishing high-quality research papers on topics in all areas of economics and other related disciplines.
The latest issue brings two research and two review articles:

Esat A. Durguti and Nexhat Kryeziu: Importance of Corporate Governance: Evidence from Kosovo’s Banking Sector

Eva Lorenčič and Mejra Festić: Macroprudential Policy Versus Other Economic Policies

Jadranka Musulin and Vjeran Strahonja: Business Model Enriched With User Experience, as a Systemic Tool in Service Design

Ivana Đunđek Kokotec, Silvije Orsag and Marina Klačmer Čalopa: The Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance of Their Portfolio Companies – The Case of Croatia

All papers in Croatian Economic Survey are written in English and are available for free download via the Institute’s website.