Proceedings of the International Conference "Social Policy and Regional Development"

This volume contains the final versions of the papers presented at the conference Social Policy and Regional Development, held in Zagreb on 30 November 2006, covering the social aspects of regional development and regional aspects of social policy. 

In particular, the papers deal with incentives to the unemployed in 39 poorest neighbourhoods in England, unfavourable change in social and economic structure of the poorest Turkish regions that resulted from growing regional disparities, poverty in the rural areas of Croatia, negative social impacts of the private sector participation in water supply in the South Caucasus, the role of social partners in the management of the European Regional Development Fund in Poland, deinstitutionalisation, diversification and decentralisation in social services reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, attitudes of social groups towards some aspects of the quality of life in Primorje - Gorski Kotar County in Croatia, implications of the EU enlargement and cohesion for economic and social development in Turkey, and regional aspects of agricultural policy in Norway.


ISBN  978-953-6030-32-3  

Editorial Board: Željko LovrinčevićAndrea MervarDanijel NestićNenad StarcPaul StubbsMarijana Sumpor and Sandra Švaljek 
Publishers: Ekonomski institut, Zagreb and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 
Publication Year: 2007 


Keynote Speech
Polycentric Development and Metropolitan Governance
Simin Davoudi 

The Impact of England’s New Deal for Communities Programme on Worklessness
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero, Michael Noble and Ilaria Covizzi

Poverty and Social Stratification at the Regional Levels in Turkey
Ercan Dansuk, Mehmet Ozmen and Güzin Erdogan

Regional Poverty in Croatia
Danijel Nestić and Giovanni Vecchi 

Privatization of Social Policy of Water Supply in the South Caucasus: A Boost to Regional Development or “Stealing Water from the Poor”?
Farkhad Mukhtarov 

The Role of Social Partners in the Programming, Management and Evaluation of the European Regional Development Fund in Poland
Anna Gąsior-Niemiec
Towards a New Welfare Mix for the Most Vulnerable: Reforming Social Services in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia
Vesna Bošnjak and Paul Stubbs

Sociological Survey on Attitudes of Representation of Social Groups in the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar towards Some Aspects of Quality of Life on the Sub-Regional Level
Mladen Črnjar, Đulija Malatestinić, Iva Josipović and Nena Rončević

Enlargement and Cohesion: Implications for Economic and Social Development in Turkey
Ebru Ertugal

Regional Aspects of Agriculture
Rolf Jens Brunstad, Ivar Gaasland and Erling Vardal