2018.: SmartEIZ konferencija

NUMBER — 692191 — SmartEIZ

Horizon 2020 Twinning project ‘SmartEIZ’
SmartEIZ Conference

“Smart Specialization Strategy: Contemporary Challenges of Its Design and Implementation”

September 25–26, 2018

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb


Hotel Dubrovnik
Gajeva ul. 1, 10 000, Zagreb, Croatia

Ban Jelačić Hall
1st  floor




DAY 1: September 25, 2018


9:30-10:00: WELCOME SPEECH
  • Darko Horvat, Minister of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreunership and Crafts 
  • Tome Antičić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Science and Education
  • Maruška Vizek, Director of The Institute of Economics, Zagreb 

10:00-11:00: KEYNOTE SPEAKER
  • Bart Verspagen, UNU-MERIT, Maastricht, The Netherlands: Is Job Automation Risk Traded in the European Union?

11:00-11:15: COFFEE BREAK

11:15-12:45: FIRST SESSION

Chair: Nicoletta Corrocher
  • Micheline Goedhuys, Eleonora Nillesen, and Marina Tkalec: Economic Consequence of War: Evidence from Firm Level Panel Data
  • Alex Surpatean, Ad Notten, Bulat Sanditov, and Jojo Jacob: Geographical Divergence in ICT Research
  • Roberto Mavilia and Zoran Aralica: International Collaboration in Inventive Activities: Technology and Regional Specificities in the Balkan Countries
  • Sofía Jiménez Calvo, Rosa Duarte, and Julio Sánchez Chóliz: What Supply Chains Tell us about Technological Change

12:45-13:45: LUNCH BREAK

13:45-15:15: SECOND SESSION

Chair: Slavo Radošević
  • Ivan-Damir Anić, Nicolleta Corrocher, Andrea Morrison, and Zoran Aralica: The Development of Clusters of Competitiveness in Croatia: A Survey-Based Analysis
  • Stjepan Srhoj, Bruno Škrinjarić, and Sonja Radas: Bidding against the Odds? The Impact Evaluation of Grants for Young Micro and Small Firms during the Recession
  • Marijana Sumpor, Ljiljana Blažević, and Irena Đokić: Boosting Vukovar’s Economy through Local and Sectoral Production Systems
  • Arnaut Morrison: The Role of the Knowledge Gatekeeper for Path Development in the Knowledge Periphery: The Case of Ruta N In Medellin, Colombia 

15:15-15:30: COFFEE BREAK

15:30-17:00: THIRD SESSION​

Chair: Valerija Botrić   
  • Nordine Es Sadki: The Impact of University Quality, Competition and the Regional Environment on the Knowledge Transfer Outcomes of Universities
  • Jorge Martins: Knowledge Collaboration Routines at the Organization-Region Boundary: A Community of Practice Approach
  • Kirill Osaulenko: From Failure to Success. Relevance of Corporate Governance for International New Ventures. Case Study: Kaspersky Laboratory
  • Ernest Vlačić: Enhancing Sustainable National Tourism Industry by Instituting Principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Magdalena Miceva: The Opportunities and Perspectives of a Knowledge-Based Economy in Logistics

DAY 2: September 26, 2018


9:00-10:00: KEYNOTE SPEECH
  • Alasdair Reid, European Future Innovation System Center, Belgium: Where to Now for Smart Specialization: Is Sustainable the Only Smart Direction? 

10:00-10:15: COFFEE BREAK

10:15-11:45: FIRST SESSION

Chair: Ljiljana Božić
  • Đuro Kutlača: Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of the Republic of Serbia: Selection of the Priorities and Dialogue – Challenges from Methodologies to Reality
  • Mona Ramon, Henry Varga, Alsdair Reid, and Vladimir Cvijanović: Quadruple Helix Models for Territorial Entrepreneurial Discovery Process: How to Engage the Civil Society in the Participatory RIS3?
  • Matjaž Vidmar: The €10 Million Question how Innovation Intermediaries Support Smart Specialization

11:45-13:15: SECOND SESSION

Chair: Roberto Mavilia
  • Velibor Mačkić, Domagoj Račić, and Vladimir Cvijanović: The Role of the State in Building a Competitive Economy: Political Economy of Innovations
  • Will Bartlett, Besnik Krasniqi, and Jasmina Ahmetbasic: Attracting FDI to the Western Balkans: Does Government Support for Special Economic Zones Inhibit Smart Specialization?
  • Zoran Aralica, Marko Lučić, and Slavo Radošević: Orientation of Research & Innovation Policy in the EU ‘Superperiphery’: Stakeholders’ Perspective
  • Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović, Željka Kordej-De Villa, and Mislav Šagovac: Current Experience and Challenges of Croatian Cities in Implementation of Smart Specialization Strategies 

  • How to Implement Smart Specialization in EU New Member States
​Moderator: Zoran Aralica
  • Ales Cantarutti – State Secretary of Economy, Slovenia
  • Đuro Kutlača – Institute of Mihailo Pupin, Serbia
  • Agnieska Krasicka European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy
  • Tomislav Pinter – Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, Head of Service

14:30-15:30: LUNCH BREAK
If you wish to attend the conference, please register at: sorec@eizg.hr