Science Tuesday and virtual ZOOM webinar held as part of the InnovM-ADS project

Science Tuesday and virtual ZOOM webinar were held on November 10, 2020, at which project leader Ivan-Damir Anić, from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Ivana Kursan Milaković and Mirela Mihić from the University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, and Nicoletta Corrocher from ICRIOS, Bocconi University, Milan, presented their main research results on the project "The role of m-advertising in m-purchases: moderating effect of consumer innovativeness (InnovM-ADS)". Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Science Tuesday was held this time in a virtual environment over the ZOOM palatform. The webinar was intended for researchers and scholars, advertisers and marketers from the business sector, but also for other professionals from expert institutions, who were interested to find out more about this type of advertising.