Definition of methodology for mass valuation of property in Croatia (MMPEIZ)

Commissioned by: Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
Project duration: December 5, 2017–June 5, 2018
Project manager: Tajana Barbić
Collaborators: Maruška Vizek, Branimir Majčica
This project aims to analyze the mass valuation methodology that is applied by other countries, compare mass methods for valuation of properties in selected countries, identify the missing data, and define the methodology for mass valuation of real estate in Croatia. Project activities include the analysis of the mass valuation methodology applied by other countries. Also, a comparative analysis of the methodology applied by selected countries and the analysis of local market specific attributes will be presented as well as the detailed review of literature, which covers mass valuation of real estate and the analysis of methodology proposed by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). The project also focuses on the analysis of available data and identification of missing data. Finally, as a result, we will present the proposed methodology for mass valuation and calibrate the relevant parameters.

RESEARCH AREAS: Croatian economy