Participation in other projects

Participation in other projects

Participations in other projects are being accomplished by researchers from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, who are involved in scientific projects as external associates for the purpose of implementing research or networking. Our scientists are active in European COST programs - European Cooperation in Science and Technology ( - that promote networking, collaboration and dissemination of knowledge and research in different, often interdisciplinary areas.

Researchers from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb participate as external associates in scientific research conducted at other institutions, within the projects funded by the Croatian Science Foundation, and other scientific-competitive projects.



  1. The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), KAKENHI [Grant Number 20K01989]: Comparative Research on Consumer Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. COST Action CA20112: PlatfoRm OF policy Evaluation community for improvED EU policies and Better ACKnowledgement (PROFEEDBACK)
  3. COST Action CA20105: Slow Memory: Transformative Practices for Times of Uneven and Accelerating Change


  1. Croatian Science Foundation research project IP-11-2013: Building competitiveness of Croatian manufacturing (EMS_GMRG)
  2. Croatian Science Foundation research project IP-09-2014: Channels and effectiveness of fiscal devaluations (FIDE)
  3. Croatian Science Foundation research project IP-09-2014: Research activity, collaboration and orientation in social sciences in Croatia and other post-socialist European countries (RACOSS)
  4. Croatian Science Foundation research project IP-06-2016: VITiculture and CLImate Change in Croatia (VITCLIC)
  5. Croatian Science Foundation research project IP-06-2016: Possibilities for reindustrialization of Croatian economy (REINDUCE)
  6. COST Action IS1409: Gender and health impacts of policies extending working life in western countries
  7. University of Zagreb research grant: Development of a methodology for determining the organizational buyer’s styles of decision on purchasing
  8. University of Zagreb research grant: Determining the organizational buyer’s purchasing decision-making styles in choosing a service
  9. ISCH COST Action IS1207: Local public sector reforms: an international comparison
  10. ISCH COST Action IS0807: Living in surveillance societies (LiSS)
  11. Evaluation of the projects financed by Croatian Science Foundation: scientometric approach
  12. COST Action CA15137: European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (ENRESSH)
  13. COST Action CA16114: REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy (RESTORE)
  14. HRZZ IPS-2020-01-7036 Quality of living in the housing estates of the socialist and post-socialist era: A comparative analysis between Slovenia and Croatia
  15. HRZZ IPS-2020-01-3992 Models and Practices of Global Cultural Exchange and the Non-aligned Movement: research on spatio-temporal cultural dynamics
  16. HRZZ IP-2019-04-9924: Impact of taxes and benefits on income distribution and economic efficiency (ITBIDEE) 
  17. IP-2019-04-4500 Analysis of structural factors of convergence of Croatia during the transition process