This area focuses on systems of social policy and their implications for well-being, poverty and inequality. A particular emphasis is placed on the comparison between social policy in Croatia and social policy in the European Union, as well as in the region of Southeast Europe.

Additional research interest is aimed at the assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of social policy systems through tracement of social indicators, and the impact of social policy reforms. Measuring income and other inequalities, as well as trends in absolute and relative poverty, is another major focus of the Institute's work, addressing changes over time, regional inequalities and regional poverty rates, and comparing levels of inequality and poverty between Croatia and other countries in the region and beyond. Trends in inequalities over time need to be complemented by decomposing inequality indices and temporal changes, analyzing the respective contributions of different income sources or different socio-economic groups to overall inequality.

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Other papers

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    Project manager: Ivica Rubil
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    Project manager: Danijel Nestić (Iva Tomić until April 1, 2020)
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    Project manager: Ivica Rubil
  5. Analysis of the Effects and Sustainability of the Social Reform in 2019, North Macedonia, 2023 Commissioned by: Sustainable Inclusive Growth Association
    Project manager: Paul Stubbs
  6. My place under the sun, 2021–2023 Commissioned by: Active Citizens Fund in Croatia / Community Foundation "Slagalica"
    Project manager: Paul Stubbs
  7. Developing a standardized methodology to optimize the costing of kindergartens fees, 2021–2022 Commissioned by: United Nations Children’s Fund
    Project manager: Ivan Žilić
  8. The distributional impact of fiscal policy in Croatia, 2020–2021 Commissioned by: World Bank
    Project manager: Ivica Rubil
  9. An analysis of the “Employment and social situation in Croatia” for the European Parliament, 2019 Commissioned by: The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament
    Project manager: Iva Tomić
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    Project manager: Ivica Rubil
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  15. WelfarEurope – Measuring quality of life and work in Europe, 2015–2016 Commissioned by: European Social Fund
    Project manager: Ivica Rubil