Analysis of the status and recommendations for the development of further activities for people in NEET status – NEETstat

Commissioned by: Ministry of Labor and Pension System
Project duration: November 24, 2017 – May 28, 2018
Project manager: Iva Tomić
Collaborators: Valerija Botrić, Ivan Žilić

The main purpose of the project was to establish a system of detection and monitoring of young people aged between 15 and 29 in NEET status with an aim of their re-engagement in education or on the labor market. Considering that the project was the first to establish the identification of NEET persons in Croatia based on existing administrative data sources, one of the fundamental objectives of the project was to develop recommendations for improving the methodology of the monitoring system for persons in NEET status.

The results of the analysis were presented in the form of a project study. Based on all relevant findings, a methodology for the data exchange system was proposed for the purpose of monitoring persons in NEET status, including suggestions for introducing additional indicators in particular databases used in order to improve validity and reliability of the analysis. In order to assess the risk of being in NEET status, probit analysis was conducted to determine which characteristics mostly affect the risk of being in a particular NEET status (NEET status, NEET unemployment status and NEET inactivity status). Particular attention was devoted to identifying the problem of the applicability of the delivered data for performing the contracted tasks.