My place under the sun

Commissioned by: Active Citizens Fund in Croatia / Community Foundation "Slagalica"
Project duration: January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2023
Project manager: Paul Stubbs

The project addresses (i) urban child poverty, (ii) underrepresentation of poverty and social justice as topics in education, (iii) lack of intersectoral cooperation, (iv) need for strengthening capacities of local stakeholders to support children and families, (v) direct support to children and families living in poverty and (vi) need to raise citizens' awareness on children living in poverty. Ten partners share the understanding that child poverty is a complex issue that requires complex response and diverse agents. The project focuses on both short and long-term changes in the sense of support at the local level. Main objective is strengthened civic awareness and cooperation of CSOs, public institutions, local authorities, private sector and citizens to combat urban child poverty.
Three specific objectives are:
1) improved local policies and practices to support children living in poverty
2) mobilizing and sensitizing citizens for quality direct support to children and families living in poverty and
3) promoting educational topics of poverty and social justice as part of Civic and Human Rights Education.
Some of the activities include mapping of measures and practices for combating child poverty in Rijeka and Gospić, conducting research, improving the strategic framework, cross-sectoral cooperation, etc.

Project "My place under the sun" has been funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the Active Citizens Fund, as part of EEA grants.

RESEARCH AREA: Inequality, poverty and social policy