Consulting services on the development of a long-term pension projection model for Croatia (MirModel)

Commissioned by: Ministry of Labour and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia
Project duration: May 27, 2014 – September 1, 2014 
Project manager: Danijel Nestić, PhD

Brief outline: 
Consulting services involved the following activities: 
a) developing the basic concept of a long-term pension projection model for Croatia; 
b) joint work with experts from the Ministry of Work and Pension System and the Croatian Pension Insurance Fund on the construction of the model; 
c) testing of the model functionality and consistency checks: 
d) sensitivity tests on changes in the key model parameters; 
e) consulting on technical aspects of model development and maintenance –archives, security copies, data protection; 
f) technical assistance in documenting construction of the model and writing the user's manual; 
g) technical assistance in writing the national report on pension expenditures projections (Country fiche) sent to the Ageing Working Group to prepare the 2015 Ageing Report; 
h) evaluation and consistency checks of the pension adequacy model for Croatia in the process of preparation of the Pension Adequacy Report;
i) experts' judgements on documents produced by European Commission's working groups in the process of preparation of the Ageing Report and the Pension Adequacy Report; experts' judgements and consultancy on other documents and working materials in the process of preparation of EU-level reports.