Training on health insurance and the quality of health care (EDU-HEALTH)

Commissioned by: The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo
Project duration: March 26, 2018 – August 24, 2018
Project manager: Maruška Vizek
Collaborators: Siniša Varga, Ozren Pezo, Miroslav Hajraček, Davor Katavić, Šime Smolić
The project comprised of seven modules for which the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, along with its external partners, was required to hold seminars for the employees of the public health system in the Republic of Kosovo. The themes of seven modules were given as follows:
1. Health financing
2. Health insurance functions
3. Cost effectiveness analyses
4. Application of the case mix in health systems
5. Managing health care quality
6. Designing the benefit package and services
7. Methods for scientific research in health policy.
In addition to implementing the seminars on seven health policy-related topics, the project also encompassed the following activities:
- The drafting and delivery of quarterly activity reports of the team members
- The drafting and delivery of training modules evaluation reports and the final activity report.

RESEARCH AREAS: Health and well-being