Analysis of indirect benefits of energy efficient retrofit of buildings

Commissioned by: Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
Project duration: May 7 – November 7, 2019
Project manager: Davor Mikulić
Collaborators: Željko Lovrinčević, Sunčana Slijepčević, Goran Buturac


According to previous research studies, energy efficient retrofit of buildings resulted in significant indirect effects on domestic gross output and employment. The aim of this project was to quantify the total effects of funds invested in retrofit of public and private buildings in Croatia. Indirect and induced effects in terms of total output, gross value added, employment and tax revenues were estimated by applying input-output analysis. In addition to the input-output tables available for the recent period, the empirical part was based on the cost structure of concrete projects of energy retrofit of public and residential buildings. The results of the study could help government units to improve the system of co-financing energy reconstruction. The measures related to energy efficient retrofit of buildings were a part of the overall energy strategy of the Republic of Croatia, which was under development at the time.

RESEARCH AREAS: Croatian economy; The economics of energetics