Identification of competitive and collaborative advantages and development potentials of the Town of Vukovar

Commissioned by: Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the Town of Vukovar
Project duration: May 25, 2018 – July 26, 2018
Project managers: Marijana Sumpor, Irena Đokić
Collaborator: Ljiljana Božić

The purpose of the study was to create a background that included the starting points for recognized strategic development projects that were expected to contribute to the accelerated development of the Vukovar economy. The aim of the study was to clarify that conditions needed to be created to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy, based on strong cooperation or collaboration of all key stakeholders. The study focused on existing developmental potentials that were crucial to the development of the local and regional economy. Recommendations and suggestions in the study were related to the Smart Specialization Strategy, funding opportunities through the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and the European Investment Funds Fund (EFSI). The study contained the basic features of contemporary economic development concepts such as competitive and collaborative advantages manifested through economic development models of value chains, clusters, triple helix, multisectoral cooperation, cross-border and transnational cooperation, etc. In the design of the study, entrepreneurs and institutional representatives of the Vukovar economy were also involved.

RESEARCH AREAS: Local development; Croatian economy