Integral analysis of renewable energy sources development in Croatia in period 2007–2016 and renewable energy market in the future – RES

Commissioned by: Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
Project duration: May, 2017 – February 2018
Project manager: Željko Lovrinčević
Collaborators: Davor Mikulić, Mustafa Nušinović, Maruška Vizek

EIZG developed structural analysis of financial flows and impact analysis on economy and employment. The project produced an analysis of the companies' business in the field of renewable energy sources and an analysis of the impact of these enterprises on the total economy of Croatia through input-output analysis. Within the project, a survey was conducted for the needs of the financial analysis of companies and the sustainability of their operations. In the development of the chapter Structural Analysis of Financial Flows, the primary source was a questionnaire sent to all enterprises dealing with wind power plants and biomass. Companies dealing with the production of solar energy were selected by the sample because their number was significantly higher. The analysis used standard methods of financial flow analysis and cash-flow discounting. Conclusions guided decision-makers to the necessary and sustainable level of state aid in the production of renewable energy sources in relation to the market price. In the chapter on Economic Impact Analysis and Employment in Croatia, standard tools from input-output analysis were used to test the impact of these enterprises on the rest of the economy, depending on the structure and origin of equipment and raw materials (domestic or imported).