Preparation of analytical groundwork for the new Island Act

Commissioned by: Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds
Project duration: September 19, 2016 - February 15, 2017  
Project manager: Nenad Starc, PhD
Collaborators: Sunčana Slijepčević, PhD, Ivana Rašić Bakarić, PhD, Željka Kordej-De Villa, PhD, Edo Rajh, PhD

Brief outline: 
The aim of the project was the critical analysis of former implementation of the Island Act and proposals for island development policy improvements. 

As the expected output, the analytical groundwork for the new Island Act was prepared and delivered. 

Activities included the review of available documentation; defining and gathering required data; preparation of analytical groundwork for the new Island Act; recommendations for regulatory impact assessment of the new Island Act; preparation and elaboration of the island development rank list and preparation of the final report. 

Methodology was based on the estimation of island economic development trends; island ranking by means of factor analysis and island grouping by means of cluster analysis.