Technical support in development of regional policy implementation monitoring system

Commissioned by: Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds
Project duration: May 14, 2018 – December 14, 2018
Project managers: Marijana Sumpor, Irena Đokić

In July 2017, the Croatian Parliament adopted the Strategy of Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia (SRR RH), and at the end of 2017 an Action Plan containing activities, projects and programs (APPs) to be implemented during 2018, 2019 and 2020 was adopted too. Implementation of a part of the APPs was under the competence of the Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union (MRRFEU), as a coordinating body for the implementation of SRR RH, and other bodies providing funds for their implementation. The public bodies and other bodies designated by the individual APP holders of the Action Plan ensured their implementation and monitoring and, in accordance with the Law, informed the Ministry of the implemented APPs.

The goal of establishing a comprehensive reporting system was to ensure successful management of regional development policy. This required regular monitoring of the implementation of the planned activities, programs and projects (APPs) with the emphasis on contribution to the achievement of the goals, priorities and measures set by the Law and Strategy. The purpose of the reporting system was reflected in the reporting obligation of MRRFEU to the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Parliament on the results of the implementation of the regional policy in the previous year. MRRFEU was responsible for the establishment and management of an integrated reporting system, and according to the Law (Article 49) systematically collected information and data on the implementation of APPs for all levels of public management including state administration bodies, state-owned companies, counties and large urban areas.

This project provided support to the establishment of a comprehensive reporting system, as foreseen by the legislative framework.

RESEARCH AREA: Regional development and regional politics