The analysis of the state of the real estate market and its determinants with the statistical processing of the trends in transactions and prices achieved on the market in the period of 2012–2021

Commissioned by: Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets
Project duration: December 21, 2022 – May 15, 2023
Project manager: Maruška Vizek

The study represents the analytical basis for the creation of the National Real Estate Market Development Plan, i.e. it represents the background document for the Plan's chapters in which the medium-term vision of development, description of medium-term development needs and development potentials, description of public policy priorities in the medium-term period, special objectives, list of key outcome indicators and target values of indicators are determined, and which are aligned with the National Development Strategy, sectoral and multi-sectoral strategies and spatial planning documents, all in accordance with the Law on the System of Strategic Planning and Development Management of the Republic of Croatia. As part of the study, the analysis of the housing markets (apartment and family houses), and the markets for construction and agricultural land was carried out with the aim of establishing the determinants of price trends and the volume of transactions. The aim of the study was thus to define those strategic goals that are under the authority of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets, and which could contribute to the balanced development of the real estate market, which in turn would contribute to the achievement of the goals defined in the National Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2030.

RESEARCH AREA: Croatian economy