Contemporary determinants of innovation systems development and impact analysis

Commissioned by:  The Institute of Economics, Zagreb 
Project duration: October 1, 2019 - December 31, 2023
Project manager: Zoran Aralica
Collaborators: Sonja Radas, Ivan-Damir Anić, Ljiljana Božić, Ivana Rašić, Bruno Škrinjarić, Maruška Vizek, Anita Harmina (until September 30, 2023)

Within this scientific project various topics will be analyzed. The topics are grouped within three wider thematic blocks. The first thematic block includes the analysis of innovation systems (IS). This thematic block includes the following topics: patent analysis, the functioning of innovation systems, cluster analysis, and evaluation of innovation programs. Common to these topics are answers to the following questions: How does the innovation system function? And what is the interaction between the IS actors like? The second thematic block includes topics that facilitate the analysis of contemporary determinants of innovation system development. These topics are relevant for understanding the National Innovation System or they might become relevant in the near future. They include: innovation governance - policy level, digital infrastructure and entrepreneurship, and Bayesian Truth Serum. Within the third thematic block there is one topic related to different attitudes, consumer perception towards innovations and towards buying new products. This topic is named innovative consumer buying behavior.

RESEARCH AREA: Innovation, research and development