Service for the Interreg MED project – Building the blue biotechnology community in the Mediterranean

Commissioned by:  Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment 
Project duration: March 17, 2021 – May 11, 2021
Project manager: Zoran Aralica
Collaborator: Ivona Krezić

The report had the purpose of supporting the knowledge transfer and institutions‘ capability building attempts in the field of blue biotechnology (BBt) at the national level within the Mediterranean region. In the report, we described knowledge transfer plans (KTPs) of the pilot projects (PPs) in the field of BBt. The basic idea of developing the KTPs for the pilot projects was to encourage activities on them. Our idea was that these initialized projects could become independent ones after the completion of the B-Blue project. There were five pilot projects, each of them covering the national BBt sector of the country it came from. The countries included in this deliverable were Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Slovenia.

In the report, each action plan for knowledge transfer (KT) had an identical structure. The following elements were included: project idea, project objective, information about the project developers, information about stakeholders interested in PP activities, elements of the knowledge transfer plan, dissemination activities, and communication activities. But each pilot project was specific due to the fact that different project partners appeared as the project developers. Also, the partners covered the national market of the country they came from. The PP belonged to various value chains defined within WP 3 and each of them included stakeholders from the various sectors (e.g. academia, business, and government), previously defined in WP 3. In the case of the Greek pilot project (except for GSRI which was the main stakeholder of the Greek PP only), the same institutions were project developers as well as the main stakeholders.

RESEARCH AREA: Innovation, research and development